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Pink/purple hair transformation


So as most of you know, i swapped my box black of 6 years for ginger/orange/red earlier this year. Well as it was coming up to Christmas and the end of the year, i fancied a change.

I’ll be honest, i MEANT to dye my hair purple. The reason it turned pink was due to me not wanting to damage my hair further by bleaching a 3rd time. Fortunately i absolutely love it regardless!

Here’s how i did it (although i can’t recommend you follow any of my advice!)

  1. I let my hair fade. I hadn’t bleached my roots in nearly 2 months so they got a chance to rest, but i also stayed away from the dye and washed my hair more often to help fade the orange.


  2. I used an low impact bleach. This was purely accidental. I hadn’t been paying attention to any writing on the boxes and decided to try something new – it turns out i picked up an ammonia free bleach, doh! It was the Olia Bleach by Garnier  (i’ll link all the products used in this post). It stripped about 90% of the red out, but left it pretty orange and patchy, not to mention it barely made a difference to my roots or fringe, which i left until last. Looking back, i think i left it too long to start my roots/fringe and the bleach’s effects were starting to wear off.


  3. My hair was pretty crispy at this point, so i gave it a break from chemicals for 2 days and used the Lush R&B hair moisturiser that i absolutely swear by and which saved my hair the last time i bleached it. I slathered it on, popped my hair up in a bun and reapplied twice a day for 2 days. It worked a treat and my locks felt even softer than before i’d bleached it. Just to prove my point, i’d said to everybody that i wasn’t happy bleaching again yet before i used that moisturiser, but it completely restored it! And to think, it was a spontaneous purchase from the recommendation of a cashier last year.
  4. After my hair was back to it’s usual self, i popped to Boots (twice because i didn’t get enough peroxide, oops) and picked up some bleach that had been recommended to me by other brightly haired humans. I chose the Jerome Russell B Blonde Powder Bleach and the 30vol Peroxide. Thankfully this bleach worked and my hair was lifted to a yellow blonde.

  5. I knew i’d need to aim for a pale blonde/white if i wanted to be a true purple, not to mention i would have been better off with a blue based purple dye instead of a pink one, but i wasn’t happy with bleaching a third time yet and i was running out of time and money. I decided to risk the dye and…. ta daaaaaa!



It’s not perfect. I missed a little brown patch nearly my crown, and the back of my head has an orangey tinge from being too light with the bleach but i bloomin’ love it!!

Everybody has said they prefer it to the orange and now that i’m finally over the initial “it looks like a wig” phase, i definitely agree. I think i’d like to rebleach parts once my roots need doing, but i plan to keep the pink for the forseeable.

I can’t recommend that anybody tries to dye their own hair. I know my hair’s limits only because i’ve broken them in the past. This is probably the best a hair dying mission has ever gone for me, but let’s not forget all the disasters. Pictures to follow.

That time i let my Mum give me “highlights”


I never got it fixed, i just left it to grow out…for like 3 years!
My pitiful attempt at turning my hair pink from black. I used one box of bleach…..think i was being a bit optimistic!
The result!
When i rebleached and dyed my hair and turned it orange and blue/green??? I was aiming for pink with a layer of blue underneath.
It faded to this.
I got a hair cut, so my logical response was “it’ll be much easier to bleach”……
….well it was! But it also crisped it within an inch of it’s life!
The logical response was to dye it black again…right?? Look how much hair length i lost! This was purely from bleaching and dying.
And just to seal the deal, i bleached my undercut. My hair looks a right mess in this.

So there you have it folks! You live and you learn.

If you wanted guaranteed fabulous hair, go to a salon.

L x

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Self employed and unmotivated

Let me just say the back end of this week has been a struuuugggllleeeeee!
I think i used up all of my happy.

So my business, Critter Care Sheffield, is on the go. I’m insured, registered as self employed and my fiance’s brother-in-law has kindly agreed to create a logo for me.
It’s amazing what you can do in a week when you put your mind to it and you’re having an up mood swing!

Right now i’m exhausted but wide awake from the gingerbread latte i had 2 hours ago, sat at home by myself watching Nothing to Declare repeats and considering attacking the mint ice cream i have stashed in the freezer.

As far as moods go, this certainly isn’t the worst. Plus i know a big factor for me being slightly depressed is due to money stresses (which are now resolved) and several nights of poor sleep (thanks to working Code last night and nonstop sciatica).
All i’ve wanted to do is write, but despite technically having plenty to write about, i haven’t known where to begin!
Unfortunately what tends to happen when i have writers block for a while is that when i eventually do sit down to put my thoughts on paper (or laptop in this case), it just comes out in one big fast ramble like this. Not the helpful, educational or inspirational content i’d prefer to have on my blog, but it’s realistic and true to my style of writing. As much as i’d love (and hate) to have a post go viral for it’s moving message or stimulating story, the plain truth of it is that i still rely on thesauruses to stop my posts sounding like the memoirs of a 12 year old girl.

I digress, so i suppose i’m facing one of the biggest challenges i’m going to come across, and an old nemesis – lack of motivation (also known as “cba syndrome” or “idle-itis”).
This is sadly something i seem to suffer with a lot, and i’m sure a psychiatrist would just love to delve into the dark chasms of my mind and blame it all on being ridiculed infront of my Year 11 English class by Mrs Ceurstemont (old bint). HOWEVER, i’ve come to accept it as part of my personality – whether that be my “healthy” personality or my suspected Borderline Personality Disorder “crazy” personality. It affects most facets of my life; it’s probably the reason why i’m always late, part of the reason why i start projects and then quit them halfway through (the other reason is my ever changing mood and self image) and generally just causes me a lot of trouble. For example, if i’d put effort into everything i’ve tried, i probably could’ve been a straight A student in both school and college, definitely would’ve written a book or two by now and my flat wouldn’t currently need hoovering.

This is the part where, if this were a Buzzfeed post, i would now endow you (yep, used for that one) with the epiphany or discovery i’d had that suddenly allows me to bypass my lazy, crazy ass and enables me to run at 100% productivity!!!!!…….


Yeah…. right….

So no. I don’t have a magic answer for y’all. I’m still a demotivated couch potato who is TERRIBLE for ‘putting things off’.
But i can offer you the rules that i try to follow. I mean, you read this far so it’s not really fair of me to just end it on that note. I don’t do clickbait, i’m not a Youtuber.

  1. Don’t beat yourself up for longer than is necessary. Now i won’t turn around and say never beat yourself up over things, because sometimes what everybody needs is a good self pity session. It creates morality and just proves that you’re human and you care about the thing you didn’t complete. Give yourself a set amount of time (mine is usually a couple of days) to feel like shit, and once that time limit is up, plan what you’re going to do to resolve it.
  2. Choose someone to kick you up the backside. For me this is Tom (fiance). He’s not someone who suffers with a lack of motivation so he comes in handy for giving me that extra support. This doesn’t always go in the right direction as he is a pessimist, so we can sometimes both end up in a pit of despair. Fortunately he bounces back quickly and is generally ready and willing to help me wherever he can.
  3. Don’t give up. Blah blah yeah i know, vom at that overused and cringey line. “Never give up, keep calm and carry on” BLEUUUURRRGGGGHHHHH. I don’t mean it in that airy meaningless way. Genuinely, don’t give up. Keep persevering. I don’t care if you had a 3 year break from it, if it’s something you want to achieve, go back to it, try again, keep trying your absolute best. Everyone fails sometimes, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Hell, i think i’ve failed at 99% of the things i wanted to do in life so far! Sure you might say i’m still young, but that doesn’t matter. It is irrelevant whether you’re reading this at 15 or 50, there will ALWAYS be somebody who started their “thing” later than you and were successful with it. I’m purposefully being vague about what this “thing” is because i want these tips to apply to as many people as possible, so don’t be reading this thinking “oh it doesn’t apply to me, she’s only talking about starting a business”… i’m not! If your “thing” or “it” is making your mental health better, so be it. It could be making a phone call or leaving the house or cleaning or a university essay or absolutely anything you want it to be.

    That brings me onto my last tip..

  4. Make your mental and physical health a priority. The most important thing to you about yourself should be your health. I say ‘about yourself’ because i know many of you will have loved ones that you hold in higher regard than yourself, which is totally fine, but just realise that your health should come first in anything involving you as an individual. Sometimes it’s important to take a break from projects or dreams to give ourselves time to rest. Personally, i need a few days every so often where i literally just fester. I binge eat or don’t eat at all, i just stay on the sofa most of the time, i stay up late and i don’t both showering. For whatever reason, that helps. I feel more alive when i get clean again and it’s almost like a purge – getting all of the nasty brain-sickness out in one concentrated go. Find something that works for you and allow yourself that chance to escape.


Keep on going, and if in doubt, watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race. It’s a surefire way to feel better.

L x

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Your early 20’s – the truth (and some positive points)

1.There comes a time where your Mum will get sick of booking your dentist/doctors appointments for you.

2. Time really does go faster the older you get.

3. You cannot survive on Pop Tarts and cheese.

4. School taught you nothing about renting houses and making your wages last the entire month.

5. Making your wages last even a fortnight will sometimes be a struggle.

6. Don’t stay up until 4am watching Netflix when you have work the next day. You will regret it.

7. Working 6 days in a row hurts but sometimes it’s necessary to make up for the fact that you spent your rent money on takeaways and vodka.

8. You also can’t survive on shop bought sandwiches and Coco Pops.

9. You might feel 14 forever but you will learn how to adult more over time.

10. Freshers aren’t getting younger, you’re getting older.

11. But yes, they are noisy, annoying children with ID.

12. Speak to your parents more, especially if you’ve moved out. They miss you.

13. Have lots of sex. Have some sex. Don’t have any sex. It’s your body. Just don’t let anybody try to tell you what to do with it.

14. You also don’t owe anybody your body. Not if they’ve spent £100 on dinner or bought you flowers and presents or promised to kill a man of your choosing if you consent. Okay..maybe that last one.. (kidding! I’m sure there’s another human out there you actually want to have sex with who will adhere to your murderous side).

15. Work sucks but it pays the bills. It’s also easier to find a new job when you have one.

16. But – if like me – you’ve spent time unemployed, don’t fret. Volunteer, go on courses, ask friends and family. You’ll get there.

17. Yes, a house takes a surprising amount of cleaning to keep it looking decent. And yes, it’s boring as fuck.

18. On that note, you will be spending the rest of your life washing clothes and dishes. Endless chores, urgh. Save up for a dishwasher and maybe a maid.

19. Take lots of photos. Have albums on Facebook, your computer or a hard copy. Separate by year.

20. Every body is a bikini body.

21. Use a condom. Pregnancy scares and STD’s aren’t sexy.

22. Spending 3 days in the same pyjamas without showering is ok. We all need time to fester. Just remember to get a good wash at the end of it and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

23. Save up what money you can and go on days out or holidays. Make the most of being young.

24. Don’t worry too much about the future, you’ve made it this far after all.

25. And lastly, don’t get so drunk that you throw up on your dress, your boyfriend’s tshirt and your hair. Also make sure you properly clean any sick up, especially if you’re abroad. Ants like puke a surprising (worrying) amount.


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Being an inspiration to others

I recently purchased a first for me. A crop top.
And not only a crop top.
A sleeveless crop top.

I have been a firm sleeve-wearer since…well… a very long time. My arms are one of my least liked places because they are fairly chunky and i have terrible rough skin on my upper arms that no amount of exfoliating can touch.
However my goal for last year was to not wear so many baggy tops all the time, which i did kind of succeed in doing.
My goal for this year is to really push the limits of what i feel comfortable in. Crop tops, strappy tops, strapless tops, shorts without black tights, bright trousers. I hope i can do it because i feel that it would really make a difference to my life. I wouldn’t have to turn down beautiful tops and dresses just because they’re sleeveless, and i wouldn’t be as hot in summer.

Sometimes i can’t be positive about my body and i hate every aspect of it. Every one of us has days like that, where you can’t look in the mirror without picking out flaws. It’s something that can be hard to express when you have a small following who look at you as a body positive inspiration. I love feeling like i’m making a difference to somebody’s life, however small. The whole reason i push myself to love my body is because i want other people to feel the same. But it can be difficult to feel like that 100% of the time and i’m only human after all, i can’t be in love with myself all the time.

So i’ll upload some photos of myself in my new purchases below, along with the places i bought them. Enjoy!

Minnie Mouse leggings size L – Pulp (Nottingham store)

Harry Potter crop top size 20 – Primark
“Mom shorts” size 18 – Primark

Collectif Violet Enchanting Bird Print dress size 16 –

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 23.38.44
Harry Potter vest top size 20 – Primark
 Adventure Time skirt size L – Pulp (Nottingham) 

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 23.39.12
Sleek Barely There lipstick – Boots

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 23.39.29
Passionfruit and Melon large candle – Tesco