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They’re weird. It doesn’t matter if you have the “traditional” set of parents – married in their 20’s, never had an affair or gotten a divorce, or maybe your ‘rents never got married and split 3 years after you were born (eh em..). I’ve seen immeasurable versions of what family means to people and they’re… Continue reading Family

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Things i’m most afraid of

All of my life i’ve been afraid of something. Mostly irrational fears, like being scared of the dark until i was around 19 and still feeling claustrophobic about it even now. When i was between 10 and 12 my cousin played an online video game that i believe was in a room escape style while… Continue reading Things i’m most afraid of

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A letter to 22 year old me (from 23 year old me)

It gets better. There’s much more to it than just that of course, but that’s the main point I want you to take from this letter.   Right now you’re probably working until 8pm because even though you’ve been promoted, you’re still working your old shifts. You usually get picked up by him. No doubt… Continue reading A letter to 22 year old me (from 23 year old me)

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Your early 20’s – the truth (and some positive points)

1.There comes a time where your Mum will get sick of booking your dentist/doctors appointments for you. 2. Time really does go faster the older you get. 3. You cannot survive on Pop Tarts and cheese. 4. School taught you nothing about renting houses and making your wages last the entire month. 5. Making your… Continue reading Your early 20’s – the truth (and some positive points)