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Lora’s Favourites: Youtubers UPDATED

Now i know i’ve already used Youtubers in my favourites series before. It’s glaringly obvious seeing as i think i’ve only done 3 actual favourites since starting it either last year or the year before..

BUT my taste has changed somewhat and i felt it was time to update.
Youtube and Instagram are really the only social media i use to follow people. I’ve never really got the hype with Twitter and i tend to use it for arguing with strangers and complaining to Asda for selling me a out of date Camembert.

So without further adieu, here’s my top 8 Youtubers of 2018 (because i couldn’t think of anymore i currently love)..


  1. WhispersRed ASMR – In 2017 i discovered my love for ASMR. WhispersRed ASMR is by far my favourite. She has a wonderful, motherly feel to her videos, even my own Mum said so!
  2. Sprinkleofglitter – Over the past year, i’ve found myself straying away from the big UK Youtube names. The exception to this are Zoella’s vlogmas and Sprinkleofglitter. It could be something to do with her being pregnant and my constant baby fever, but i can’t get enough of Louise recently.
  3. JaackMaate – I recently discovered Jack via Facebook when he ripped Zoella’s advent calendar to shreds. Kudos to him because it was hilaaaarious. Now i love Zoe Sugg, but i’m not afraid to admit when i think she’s been a fucking idiot. Neither is JaackMaate.
  4. Kiera Rose – A repeat from last time! I’ve followed Kiera for around 4-5 years (back when she was still Scarlet Saint). It’s great to see her growth as a person, as well as her tattoo additions and hair changes. I fell in love all over again when she added ratties to her family, but unfortunately they’ve passed and she isn’t getting anymore for the forseeable.
  5. ASMR Darling – The first “ASMRtist” i discovered after deciding to check out the weird and wonderful world of ASMR! She’s one of the most popular with over 1mil subs (a big thing in this category!) and is just always a lovely person to watch. She does the best tapping videos.
    ASMR Darling
  6. Heather Feather ASMR – My favourite binaural ASMR Youtuber. I love when she just uses her voice with no visual stimuli and walks around the mic. Literally feels like she’s walking around your head.
    Heather Feather
  7. Georgia Productions – I actually found Georgia from a recommendation by ThatcherJoe. Despite her young age, her videos are hilarious and she’s destined to become the next big Youtube star.
    Georgia Productions
  8. sWooZie – How i didn’t include sWooZie last time i’ll never know! A favourite for years since finding his Confessions of a Disney Employee series. An amazingly creative and original Youtuber, seemingly down to earth and a fab animator. I also lowkey have a crush on him lmao hit me up Adande.

Who are your favourite Youtubers? Do you prefer the mainstream or discovering new talent?
Let me know in the comments!


L x

lora's favourites

Lora’s Favourites: Disney Films

Hello all! I’m back with another of Lora’s Favourites. It’s nearly midnight as i’m writing this and watching Moana has given me inspiration so here we go…

In no particular order (apart from #1 is my all time favourite)……..

  1. Tangled – I saw this one in the cinema with Mum when it first came out and completely fell in love! The style of animation, the plot and the characters, absolutely incredible and i love Rapunzel because even though she does fall in love with Flynn, that isn’t the main purpose of her story.
  2. The Aristocats – My favourite from my childhood, i even had a Marie cake once. Stil hate Edgar now.
  3. Lilo and Stitch – A recent favourite and probably the one on this list i’ve seen the least, i’ve developed an obsession with anything Stitch and i find Lilo hilarious. The soundtrack is underrated too.
  4. Beauty and The Beast – Is it weird to have a crush on The Beast? Totally normal right?….
  5. The Little Mermaid – Another one i grew up with, i actually thought Ursula as a human was so much prettier than Ariel.
  6. The Lion King – A classic, how could it not be on my list? Everyone loves Simba.
  7. Brave – My Dad’s favourite and a fabulously fresh plot for Disney, Merida is a bad ass bitch.
  8. Frozen – I actually wasn’t a fan of Frozen until about a year after it had been released. Now, like every other Disney fan, i know all the words to the songs and can’t resist singing along if someone plays them.
  9. Tarzan – Outstanding soundtrack, hilarious characters and lots of neck tingling moments.
  10. Enchanted – Highly underrated and the only real life one on my list, i like that the movie takes the piss out of itself and the music is great.

‘Til next time!

L x

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Lora’s Favourites: Youtubers

Helllooooo and welcome back to another of Lora’s favourites.
I know i said i was going to start a series of these but i’ll be honest, i couldn’t be bothered over the festive period!

So today i’m going to list my top 5 favourite Youtubers with a description of why i like them/what their Youtube is about. These aren’t in any order, i love them all equally.


  1. Kiera Rose – Formally known as Scarlet Saint, Kiera has been one of my favourites since i saw her on BBC Three’s Diary of a Broken Mind where she spoke about her anxiety and agoraphobia. She posts about her pet rats, tattoos, veganism, personal experiences and hair/makeup tutorials. I love that she’s a really relatable person who feels down to earth and always has time for her fans.


  2. Zoella (Zoe Sugg) – Yawn i know, who doesn’t love Zoella? She is the queen of Youtube and now has a beauty and homeware line as well as 3 books and a clothing company with her brother. My boyfriend can’t stand her thanks to her southern accent but i find her to be a great inspiration. She’s always so happy and uplifting in her vlogs and her main channel videos are really feel-good. It’s useful for a naturally pessimistic person like myself. She posts day in the life vlogs, makeup and beauty tutorials, beauty and fashion unboxing/opening, monthly favourites and Q&A’s.


  3. Mugumogu (Maru the cat) – Sooooo not TECHNICALLY a Youtuber. Infact it’s just a Youtube account with cute videos of a Scottish Fold cat called Maru. Maru loves boxes and his owner loves to video him jumping in and out of them. What more do i need to say?


  4. ThatcherJoe (Joe Sugg) – I’m not trying to win favours with the Sugg family by including two of them on this list, Joe is just genuinely one of my favs! If you’re bored with all the beauty and self care videos, i’d recommend checking out his channel. From pranks to GTA 5, i look forward to him uploading new content and he never fails to make me laugh.


  5. Disney Dayley – A channel i’ve only recently found and not a well known one yet (only 636 subscribers), this cute couple have uploaded some really sweet vlogs from their time at DisneyWorld over the past 3 months. I hope to see more content from them in the future!

See you next time for another of Lora’s favourites!

L x

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Lora’s Favourites: Instagrammers

This is a new series of posts i’m starting called “Lora’s Favourites”. I plan to feature Youtubers, Twitter accounts, bloggers and more!
Today we’re starting with Instagram.
Instagram is my favourite social media outlet and i follow over 400 accounts so this list was hard to make!
I’ll probably keep my other lists to a top 10 but this time i’ve gone for 20.

In no particular order..

  1. TheSassySade – Who doesn’t love a burlesque performer? Especially one with such incredible cheekbones and a micro fringe.
  2. AmandaApparel – A plus size fashion blogger with awesome hair and an aesthetically pleasing Insta’.
  3. JazMulligan – Not only is she insanely good at makeup, she also has a great singing voice!
  4. Janineaam – Okay i may be a little biased for this one as she’s my housemate, but i love seeing her OOTD’s and food posts.
  5. DarlingHeart – A great fashionista with flawless hair and a fellow lover of Cath Kidston.
  6. RocknRollBabydoll – Someone i discovered on Instagram years ago, an expert at perfect selfies.
  7. Sophaaaaa – Buzzcut, body positive babe with the greatest thighs in existence.
  8. Katt.Wolfe – Plus sized, Scottish and a model. What more could you want?
  9. Binkylastrange – I started following Rowen because i loved her look and body positivity. Now her Instagram mainly contains photos of her daughter and it’s a different kind of wonderful.
  10. TheCurvySoprano – Her friend commented on one of my selfies tagging her in it and saying we were twins. I never did thank her for introducing me to one of my favourite Insta’ accounts!
  11. Kirsty_Elizabeth – Once again, i’m probably quite biased as this girl is my cousin and best friend. She deserves a HELLA LOAD more followers than she has and has recently created another account for her photography (see here).
  12. Liquid_Universe – Feminism, body positivity and plus size fashion – the best kind of Instagram.
  13. Mad_Cat_Lady88 – I follow several “Mom” accounts, but Fran’s is one of my favourites. Her daughter is crazily cute and her posts always make me feel warm.
  14. Melissablows – I’ve actually become friends with Melissa through Instagram and i love seeing her updates. Another person who deserves so many more followers. If you like Disney and dogs, she’s your girl.
  15. Charlotteamyxo – A tattooed babe with a pug. I always look forward to seeing what hair colour she’s going for next.
  16. Amyzena – Harry Potter and Black Milk. This girl has awesome hair and even better taste in clothing.
  17. DecemberDam – I can’t remember how i stumbled across Erin’s Instagram but i’m so glad i did. Absolutely makeup and hair goals, as well as the recent addition in baby Jones makes this one of my favourites to see on my feed.
  18. ZephyrLestrange – I first found Zephyr on Tumblr in around 2011-2012 and admired their look. Now they’re even more of a elven babe and are a fellow rat parent (so how can i resist?).
  19. ToriBiohazard – Makeup goals for life. Goth queen. Enough said.
  20. CharlieRoseHill – Another mum blogger! Charlie’s Instagram is real and full of cute selfies and photos of her sweet little boy.


And that wraps up my favourite Instagrammers! Stay tuned for more social media favs.

Lora x