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They’re weird. It doesn’t matter if you have the “traditional” set of parents – married in their 20’s, never had an affair or gotten a divorce, or maybe your ‘rents never got married and split 3 years after you were born (eh em..). I’ve seen immeasurable versions of what family means to people and they’re… Continue reading Family

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1am rambles about shitty boys and moustached stalkers (TW:sexual assault)

Tonight has been a bit of a reminiscence session. I started out on an old friend’s profile, looking at photos from 7 years ago, most of them involving alcohol and somebody’s garden or a park. Then i remembered that i haven’t visited RYL in a really long time. RYL (or RecoverYourLife.com) is a forum for… Continue reading 1am rambles about shitty boys and moustached stalkers (TW:sexual assault)

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Things i’m most afraid of

All of my life i’ve been afraid of something. Mostly irrational fears, like being scared of the dark until i was around 19 and still feeling claustrophobic about it even now. When i was between 10 and 12 my cousin played an online video game that i believe was in a room escape style while… Continue reading Things i’m most afraid of