More about me

I’m a perpetually melancholy 20-something year old living in Sheffield who is struggling to find her way in the world. I share this life with my partner Tom and our 6 rats: Daenerys, Brienne, Arya, Astrid, Ned and Robb.

I use Instagram under the name @toolazytobegoth as well as my two ratty-related accounts @thegotratgroup and @nedtherat

This is a personal/life experiences style blog about my struggles with mental health, past and present relationships with loved ones and obsessions (such as weddings and BABIIIIIIEEEESSS!!)

Here’s some facts about me:

  • I’m not a people person and i’m a horrendously bad public speaker, hence i write instead!
  • I currently have 10 piercings and 6 tattoos (as of May 2017)
  • I’m pro-choice, sex and kink positive and of course, a feminist
  • I spent far too much of my life on Sims 4, especially now i’m doing the 100 baby challenge which is IMPOSSIBLE ARGH


If you want to reach me, please email me at

L x


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