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Lora’s Favourites: Youtubers UPDATED

Now i know i’ve already used Youtubers in my favourites series before. It’s glaringly obvious seeing as i think i’ve only done 3 actual favourites since starting it either last year or the year before..

BUT my taste has changed somewhat and i felt it was time to update.
Youtube and Instagram are really the only social media i use to follow people. I’ve never really got the hype with Twitter and i tend to use it for arguing with strangers and complaining to Asda for selling me a out of date Camembert.

So without further adieu, here’s my top 8 Youtubers of 2018 (because i couldn’t think of anymore i currently love)..


  1. WhispersRed ASMR – In 2017 i discovered my love for ASMR. WhispersRed ASMR is by far my favourite. She has a wonderful, motherly feel to her videos, even my own Mum said so!
  2. Sprinkleofglitter – Over the past year, i’ve found myself straying away from the big UK Youtube names. The exception to this are Zoella’s vlogmas and Sprinkleofglitter. It could be something to do with her being pregnant and my constant baby fever, but i can’t get enough of Louise recently.
  3. JaackMaate – I recently discovered Jack via Facebook when he ripped Zoella’s advent calendar to shreds. Kudos to him because it was hilaaaarious. Now i love Zoe Sugg, but i’m not afraid to admit when i think she’s been a fucking idiot. Neither is JaackMaate.
  4. Kiera Rose – A repeat from last time! I’ve followed Kiera for around 4-5 years (back when she was still Scarlet Saint). It’s great to see her growth as a person, as well as her tattoo additions and hair changes. I fell in love all over again when she added ratties to her family, but unfortunately they’ve passed and she isn’t getting anymore for the forseeable.
  5. ASMR Darling – The first “ASMRtist” i discovered after deciding to check out the weird and wonderful world of ASMR! She’s one of the most popular with over 1mil subs (a big thing in this category!) and is just always a lovely person to watch. She does the best tapping videos.
    ASMR Darling
  6. Heather Feather ASMR – My favourite binaural ASMR Youtuber. I love when she just uses her voice with no visual stimuli and walks around the mic. Literally feels like she’s walking around your head.
    Heather Feather
  7. Georgia Productions – I actually found Georgia from a recommendation by ThatcherJoe. Despite her young age, her videos are hilarious and she’s destined to become the next big Youtube star.
    Georgia Productions
  8. sWooZie – How i didn’t include sWooZie last time i’ll never know! A favourite for years since finding his Confessions of a Disney Employee series. An amazingly creative and original Youtuber, seemingly down to earth and a fab animator. I also lowkey have a crush on him lmao hit me up Adande.

Who are your favourite Youtubers? Do you prefer the mainstream or discovering new talent?
Let me know in the comments!


L x


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