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New Years Resolutions – 2018

Surprisingly i managed to tick off a number of last year’s resolutions! I learnt to drive, i went on holiday (twice) and even changed jobs (3 times).

On the back of this success, i thought i’d write some for 2018.


  1. Move house – This was a 2017 resolution but one we failed at. We’re looking at applying for a mortgage in possibly February and taking it from there. Even if we get rejected we’re gonna’ rent somewhere bigger.
  2. Start wedding planning – We now officially have wedding savings (hurrah!) but we’re still unsure if we’ll be getting married in 2019. Even if we don’t, we can start to contact vendors.
  3. Buy a new car – My speedy little Peugeot will sadly be replaced by something with more boot space for the pooches. I ought to get a van, but i might look at an estate instead. Driving around in a van for my “normal car” doesn’t sound particularly exciting.
  4. Grow Critter Care – I need to get my shit together with my business. I need more advertising, branded workwear, better walking boots etc. Also need to sit down and write a business plan for where i want to be by 2019.
  5. Get more tattoos – I’m already fulfilling this on the 6th 😉 but my legs definitely have plenty of room for more.


What are your resolutions? Do you ever stick to them?

L x


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