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Christmas 2017

This one’s gonna’ be a photo heavy post.

I basically had 3 Christmas’s this year.
It started on Friday the 22nd when i stayed over at Kirsty’s with both our mums. We had an early Christmas dinner and played The Logo Game which was hilaaaaarious. Auntie Jan won, which was a surprise in itself because she’s usually a bit pants at games vs us three!

Kirsty and i played Mariokart, some card games on the DS and then chatted for an hour or so about relationships and life until we finally both passed out in the early hours.

First Christmas dinner! We had lamb
I’m so in love with my pink hair
Momma Bear!
Andddd a silly one
Thoroughly enjoyed this year’s snapchat filters
My moustache was wonky?

The next day, i stole some of Kirsty’s Kylie lippy and buggered off to Nanny’s. Nanny and i watched the first Harry Potter, i had a cheeky fried egg cob and off i went to Dad’s. There i was forcefed pizza (despite having it the morning before and the night before that) and we watched Crocodile Dundee.

I don’t think we did anything at all on Christmas Eve, besides Tom having to pop to Tesco to buy a ham for the next day.

Christmas morning arrived and i was refreshed……NOOOOOT. I’d been unable to sleep until around 3am and had woken up randomly at 7.50am. I could pretend it was the excitement of the day, but it was more financial stresses that weedled their way into my brain in the early hours of Christmas Day and wouldn’t leave until i’d contemplated them for a good 2 hours.

Tom’s present to me hadn’t arrived yet (thanks DPD) so i opened my presents from my parents and Donna’s parents and Tom opened his from my parents and myself. I haven’t taken any photos of presents this year i’m afraid, but i was very spoilt again.

We headed to Laura’s for Christmas Dinner and i was called to my Auntie duties in entertaining Ashleigh (aka playing with her dolls and doing the voices while she scared them as the big bad witch). She then chased me around the kitchen.

We had Christmas dinner (i added more gravy after this photo don’t worry) –

26001032_10155239186289537_1583081050608250609_n (1)

We all ate so much, we didn’t even have a buffet or cold cut sandwiches, just snacked a little on pudding.

Ashleigh opening her present from me and Tom – a barbie car


She wrote her own name!!! SO CUTEEEE. And yes she calls me Auntie La La


Ash with Tom’s parents. We all watched Polar Express. The animation freaks me out.


We had pate on toast for starters but Ashleigh kept it simple with just plain toast!


Opening a present

Chris’s family arrived in the afternoon and suddenly the living room was crowded. I made my escape and sat in the kitchen for an hour with Tom. I’m not good in social situations but a busy room with a million conversations is my idea of hell.


We played a trivia game, Girls Vs Boys, and the girls lost HORRIFICALLY. In our defence, the questions were hard and i never would’ve wanted to be against Tom in a quiz.

Eventually we went home and that was that! Over for another year!

It was a different Christmas!


L x


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  1. Love this. Food looks delicious and seems like you had a great time 🙂

    Here’s one of my new

    Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂 Leave a comment to let me know 🙂

    Lots of love,

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