A weekend in April

This weekend has been absolutely what I needed after my horrible couple of weeks!

On Friday, Tom and I went for drinks in town together. Lots of cocktails and vodka was consumed and I felt the ultimate power couple when we got some slaughtered douche bag thrown out of West Street Live after Tom stopped him from constantly bumping into my table and he started gobbing off at him. We (surprisingly) didn’t fall out until the end of the night when I was being drunken and mardy because he wouldn’t let me buy chips and gravy in town. We made up about 10 minutes later and slept until 1pm (also unsurprising as we didn’t actually get in until 5am..).

The Saturday was Roy’s (Tom’s Dad’s) birthday and Tom had agreed to help his brother-in-law Chris to set up a swing set for Ashleigh (Tom’s 2 year old niece/Chris and Laura’s daughter), so after I’d finished throwing up my hangover and had nearly launched myself and my McDonalds out the car after a wasp flew in through a window, we made it to Chris and Laura’s for around 3pm. Laura and I helped a little, but mainly just watched the lads work while we sat and chatted and laughed. Kath and Roy (Tom and Laura’s parents) made it round for teatime and cooked steak, jacket potatoes, salad, grilled cheese tomatoes and onion rings. Tom and I headed back just after 8pm and watched Goblet of Fire.

Tom had agreed to take me to White Post Farm on Sunday and we had planned to lie in until around 10am and then head off at 11. Instead I woke up at 6.45am and Tom woke up at 8am, so we had coffee, toast with jam and realised it would make sense to invite Laura, Chris and Ashleigh to the farm with us. We arranged to meet them there at 11am (we were 15 minutes late, they were 35 minutes late) and we had a wonderful day petting animals! Laura and I used Ashleigh as an excuse to go in the kid’s soft play area and amazingly didn’t get stuck in it. I fell out of my plastic toboggan-thing on the turf ski slope and Tom got a video of it. Tom got peed on by a tiny mouse. It was a great day! 

Now I’ve got several hours of cleaning the house ahead of me that I’m not looking forward to – it’s somehow turned into a bomb site again since Friday afternoon – and I’ve got an interview tomorrow that I’m a bit nervous for, but I wanted to document that however dire life can feel sometimes, especially when everything is going wrong, there’s always some good to be found.

Here’s photos from said weekend with captions underneath:

(I apologise they’re in reverse order and I have no idea why?)

Holding a chick at White Post Farm
Looking at the goats
Ashleigh and myself (this one makes me so broody)
Feeding the lambs
A slightly serious looking Laura and myself
Roy and Ashleigh
Tom helping Ashleigh with her new bike
Laura and Ashleigh
Tom playing with Ashleigh on Saturday
A bathroom selfie in Brewdog
Tom and myself in West Street Live


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