lora's favourites

Lora’s Favourites: Disney Films

Hello all! I’m back with another of Lora’s Favourites. It’s nearly midnight as i’m writing this and watching Moana has given me inspiration so here we go…

In no particular order (apart from #1 is my all time favourite)……..

  1. Tangled – I saw this one in the cinema with Mum when it first came out and completely fell in love! The style of animation, the plot and the characters, absolutely incredible and i love Rapunzel because even though she does fall in love with Flynn, that isn’t the main purpose of her story.
  2. The Aristocats – My favourite from my childhood, i even had a Marie cake once. Stil hate Edgar now.
  3. Lilo and Stitch – A recent favourite and probably the one on this list i’ve seen the least, i’ve developed an obsession with anything Stitch and i find Lilo hilarious. The soundtrack is underrated too.
  4. Beauty and The Beast – Is it weird to have a crush on The Beast? Totally normal right?….
  5. The Little Mermaid – Another one i grew up with, i actually thought Ursula as a human was so much prettier than Ariel.
  6. The Lion King – A classic, how could it not be on my list? Everyone loves Simba.
  7. Brave – My Dad’s favourite and a fabulously fresh plot for Disney, Merida is a bad ass bitch.
  8. Frozen – I actually wasn’t a fan of Frozen until about a year after it had been released. Now, like every other Disney fan, i know all the words to the songs and can’t resist singing along if someone plays them.
  9. Tarzan – Outstanding soundtrack, hilarious characters and lots of neck tingling moments.
  10. Enchanted – Highly underrated and the only real life one on my list, i like that the movie takes the piss out of itself and the music is great.

‘Til next time!

L x


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