It’s the first day of Spring and i nearly lost all the mail out of our mailbox when i prised it open with a screwdriver thanks to the gale-force winds.
Fortunately i caught them just in time and was able to collect my New Look parcel from Flat 3 (i lost my trust for those two when it took 2 weeks for them to give me a package i ordered last Christmas and now i feel like i need proof of delivery whenever they’ve accepted my mail).

It’s been a crazy couple of days rat-wise. Tom and i travelled to Surrey on Sunday to pick up a Double Critter Nation he bought on Ebay. 6 hours travelling in an uncomfortable van – i can think of better ways to spend a day off..
But the rats are happy and i have a cage that will last a lifetime and is a million times easier to clean!

We also think Arya is pregnant, thanks to Ned flinging himself out my arms to hump her 11 days ago. The problem is, she’s always been fat so it’s hard to tell if it’s babies or yogies.

And the worrying news is that i found two lumps on Astrid under one of her nipples. I phoned the Vets this afternoon and i’ve got a consultation tomorrow at 4.20pm, so i think i’m going to take Brienne along for the ride to keep her company. Those two are best friends and Bri is the least scared of new environments.

It’s 2 weeks until i start my new job and it’s actually quite a scary prospect. I’m very used to moving shops and having to introduce myself to new people, and i suppose this will be easier because everyone will be new (seeing as the store isn’t actually built yet!), but getting a new job means taking a bit of a risk. I have a 6 month probation, whereas at Sainsbos it only lasted 3 months, and i think i’ll be feeling the pressure until that half a year is over.

I booked my theory test today! Hurrah!! I can’t wait to be able to drive by myself. I love my driving lessons with Laura but we haven’t learnt anything new in a while and it gets a bit boring sometimes.

Tom and i are going to Cyprus this September with his family. Very exciting! I’ve never been to Cyprus before and everyone’s warned me that it’s very hot.

I’m off to watch ThatcherJoe’s latest GTA video and possibly play SimCity.

L x


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