A new chapter

I think the biggest news to share with you all is that i got a new job!
I’ve given 2 and a half years of my life to Sainsbos and although i’ll miss it, i’m excited for a fresh start. I do have my reasons for leaving that i won’t be going into anytime soon, but i’m sure i’ll talk about it someday.

My new job is still in retail, Supervisor again but much closer to home and it should be better hours! The store is only open 10am-4pm on Sundays??? I’m used to 6.30am-11pm every day of the week!

My induction is in 4 weeks and i have to go to a training centre 100 miles away for 3 weeks! It’s probably going to fall straight after Tom returns from his ‘4 weeks in a row working away’.

But i’m just happy that i’ll have new challenges, i won’t be moved about every 6 months and i should be able to get to work in the morning without spending £9.90 on a taxi.

Hopefully it all works out

L x


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