A little update

A lot has happened recently that i wish i could talk about.
It’s work-related though and still ongoing so unfortunately i can’t just yet, but i promise to explain all at a later date.

I’ve just had 2 days off. Yesterday (Monday) i was busy with one of the things i can’t talk about in the morning, and then i went out with Dad. We went to Meadowhall and had lunch at Homemade Burger. I’ve been before, years and years ago, but it was so much better this time!

Today my cousin came round so i could try on my bridesmaid dress and afterwards i went to the cinema to see Moana with Katie and Hollie. It was great to catch up and i tried seafood gumbo for the first time at Coast to Coast. It makes me crave America so much.

I’ve got 4 early shifts in a row followed by 3 late shifts so i’m kind of dreading the next 7 days. Tom went up to Scotland Sunday lunchtime and he won’t be back until Thursday evening so it’s kind of good that i’m working because i’ll keep busy.

I’ve been watching Disney World vlogs again this evening. I found this really cute couple’s channel called Living The Dream. I think they’re in their late 30’s/early 40’s and have a 4 year old called Erin and honestly they’re making me so broody. I have been pretty broody this past couple of weeks anyway but it just makes me so excited to have all that. Quite a few years off for us though!

I’m going out for drinks with Niall this Friday. I worked with him at one of my old stores but i haven’t seen him since last February and i’m looking forward to catching up!!
Tom’s going out for drinks with Goodwin too so we’ll more than likely bump into them later.

Anyway i ought to head to bed soon. I’ll probably end up watching something on DisneyLife (maybe Beauty and the Beast…) and i have to be up at 5.15am. Killer.

L x


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