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Lora’s Favourites: Youtubers

Helllooooo and welcome back to another of Lora’s favourites.
I know i said i was going to start a series of these but i’ll be honest, i couldn’t be bothered over the festive period!

So today i’m going to list my top 5 favourite Youtubers with a description of why i like them/what their Youtube is about. These aren’t in any order, i love them all equally.


  1. Kiera Rose – Formally known as Scarlet Saint, Kiera has been one of my favourites since i saw her on BBC Three’s Diary of a Broken Mind where she spoke about her anxiety and agoraphobia. She posts about her pet rats, tattoos, veganism, personal experiences and hair/makeup tutorials. I love that she’s a really relatable person who feels down to earth and always has time for her fans.


  2. Zoella (Zoe Sugg) – Yawn i know, who doesn’t love Zoella? She is the queen of Youtube and now has a beauty and homeware line as well as 3 books and a clothing company with her brother. My boyfriend can’t stand her thanks to her southern accent but i find her to be a great inspiration. She’s always so happy and uplifting in her vlogs and her main channel videos are really feel-good. It’s useful for a naturally pessimistic person like myself. She posts day in the life vlogs, makeup and beauty tutorials, beauty and fashion unboxing/opening, monthly favourites and Q&A’s.


  3. Mugumogu (Maru the cat) – Sooooo not TECHNICALLY a Youtuber. Infact it’s just a Youtube account with cute videos of a Scottish Fold cat called Maru. Maru loves boxes and his owner loves to video him jumping in and out of them. What more do i need to say?


  4. ThatcherJoe (Joe Sugg) – I’m not trying to win favours with the Sugg family by including two of them on this list, Joe is just genuinely one of my favs! If you’re bored with all the beauty and self care videos, i’d recommend checking out his channel. From pranks to GTA 5, i look forward to him uploading new content and he never fails to make me laugh.


  5. Disney Dayley – A channel i’ve only recently found and not a well known one yet (only 636 subscribers), this cute couple have uploaded some really sweet vlogs from their time at DisneyWorld over the past 3 months. I hope to see more content from them in the future!

See you next time for another of Lora’s favourites!

L x


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