Millennial me

I’ve changed and developed a lot over the past few years. Even if i still feel like a 13 year old wearing grown up clothing, i am technically an adult.

When i was growing up, everything was still quite old fashioned. Weddings were done in a certain way – you’d be expected to wear a full length white dress and invite the entirety of both your families and god forbid if you didn’t. All children went to public school unless you had the money to send them to private school, where they normally focused even more so on grades rather than personal development and creativity and happiness. Your house was decorated a certain way and should always be perfect for guests coming round. Kink was probably just as prevalent but no one really discussed it as openly. Being bisexual was pretty much a myth or only occurred in porn.

I believe the major factor in the world changing so much is the internet. I grew up alongside the internet, from when it was only used for information and hardly anyone had a home computer anyway, to now, an absolute gold mine of facts and opinions and footage. It meant i was able to hear other people’s stories and experiences. It gave me the freedom to express myself and learn and grow as a person in so many ways.
It turned me into the hippie i am today!
I don’t think the world wide web can take all the credit for that though…i mean…i’m the daughter of two rockers born in the 60’s, it was inevitable.

It’s interesting because Tom’s quite old fashioned in some respects. I guess that’s a side effect of him being older, but we’re well balanced. It’s very rare i have strong feelings about something and when i do, he usually takes my side (and visa versa). I can’t see any issues between him and myself arising, but it’s a possibility with others.

We millennials have a lot of pressure on us. We all want to change the world and i think we will. Our crippling depression and lack of funding doesn’t make it any easier, but just think, someday we will be the generation in power! The current leaders of the world will be elderly or in care homes and we will finally have control. When that eventually happens, i hope we don’t fuck it up.

I want to live in a world where i can wear a short, champagne fucking wedding dress and send my kids to a Steiner school and not feel this pressure from the rest of the world to conform, or that i’m some special snowflake trying to be different when in reality, i’m just doing what makes me happy.

L x



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