ramble · rats

New rats!

So i haven’t formally introduced these guys.

Please meet Ned and Robb!

It’s a little early days yet to know their personalities, but Ned seems to be the more dominant and bravest, whereas Robb is a little bit shy, considerably smaller and likes burying himself in your hair when riding on a shoulder.

We had a spare cage after we bought a new cage for the girls but decided it wasn’t big enough, so i finally convinced Tom to get these two from our local Pets at Home and we’re very glad we did!
The girls have met them via me holding onto a boy at a time near the cage entrance and they LOVE them. Maybe a little too much, they all ignored their corn on the cob yesterday after playtime and were trying to escape through the open door to get to the boys!

I’m planning in getting all the girls spayed in the future so hopefully we’ll be able to let them mingle and eventually when i’m left with one girl after the others pass away, i can pop her in with these two (the girls were born last May/April, the boys last November/December).

L x


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