The festive period: a recap

Apologies for the lateness of this post, as well as how photo heavy it’s going to be! I know we’re approaching the end of January but i’ve had a bit of writer’s block this month.

So, the run up to Christmas….

My Mum has gotten into making cushions over the past year or two and she kindly made us a Christmas cushion each! I actually wanted to keep these out all year but didn’t think Tom would be too impressed so they’re currently in the decorations bag in the office.

We also did a double date evening at Janine’s house (technically my house too but i haven’t slept there regularly since August last year). We had a couple of drinks and ordered food via Deliveroo from Fear x Loathing. We also played Cards Against Humanity for about 2 hours and i believe Tom won…again..

Christmas Eve daytime – i spent it at Dad’s flat for the first time in months. He had his first ever real Christmas tree (with Pascal on top of course) and we met up with my Stepmum for 30 mins on her lunch break. We also popped in to see my Step-Grandparents and my insisting that i didn’t need another drink was ignored and i ended up drinking my  weight in fizzy orange pop.

Dad dropped me off at Auntie Jan and Kirsty’s at tea time, to find only Auntie Jan in! Despite me agreeing to arrive at 5pm, both Kirsty and my Mum were still out.

Eventually they both arrived and i had the novel experience of being driven by Kirsty to pick up our chinese takeaway!
We took loads of photos, as we usually do when we meet up, and played some of the funniest games ever. It turns out i’m pretty boss at Hum That Tune, or ‘Ham’ That Tune as my Mum first pronounced it.

Kirsty and i went to bed just after midnight, watched a Zoella and ThatcherJoe video on Youtube and went to sleep.

We woke up on Christmas morning, had smoked salmon on toast and Bucks Fizz and spent around an hour getting ready (rather than being actually helpful in the kitchen).

(The photo with my hand is a tradition. Every year when we pull the crackers, Kirsty puts some of the ribbon from them on my fingers).


Nanny joined us this year which i was really chuffed about. She hadn’t had Christmas day with us in 2 years and we’ve really missed her!

We opened presents after dinner and stuck Frozen on in the background and before i realised it, Tom had arrived to pick me up!
We drove back home first to open our presents to each other. I got to take the most ‘white girl’ photo i’ve ever taken…


I GOT MY CAR!!! (And a Pandora bracelet from Dad, and tacky red Christmas nails…)

My favourite gift to him was this portrait i had commissioned. It’s hanging in our bedroom now.


We drove to his sister’s, spent a couple of hours eating more food and opening more presents before coming home and heading to bed. But not before putting on some Christmas jammies (a present from Kirst’)!


I’d agreed with work to do the New Years eve/day late to early shifts if i could have Boxing Day off, so we took full advantage and started a new tradition of going to the seaside on Boxing Day! We visited Whitby. Everywhere was closed and all we did was have lunch in a Spoons, visit the arcades and mooch about on the pier but it was an afternoon well spent.

Instead of going for fish and chips, we decided to leave a little earlier and head to Bella Italia at Centertainment for dinner. It was a great choice, it was delicious!! I went for some kind of ravioli and a chocolate/salted caramel pud.

As i was working New Years eve, we celebrated a day early and went to El Paso and for a few drinks in town. We only stayed out til around 11pm because we were shattered and a bit podged from dinner but it was still a lovely night.

I had the 2nd of January off and as it was a bank holiday, so did Tom. He decided that as we had done the East coast of England, it was time to do the West. I suggested beaches i knew near Liverpool like New Brighton and Southport. We ended up in Blackpool…

We only stayed for around 2 hours. Everywhere was shut (understandable) and we went purely for the purpose of laughing at it and taking the piss, but it was a nice drive there and back.

And that’s it for the festive period 2016/2017! See you next year

L x


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