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New Years resolutions

I don’t tend to bother with resolutions. It always feels like you’re setting yourself up to fail when you make these empty promises to yourself about how you’ll quit smoking or lose a stone. And by the end of the year, most people can’t even remember what they promised in the first place.

So i’m not setting any ‘New Years resolutions’ as such and i’m not making any assurances that i’ll follow through with the wishes/hopes for the year that i am going to write down. All of these are very doable with minimal effort from me – a lucky thing as i’m incredibly unmotivated.

  1. Learn to drive. I’m already on my way to doing this and i hope to take my test next Summer.
  2. Eat healthier. Once again, not difficult as my diet has been far from perfect. I don’t care about losing weight, i just want to feel healthier and not succumb to quite as many night time binges.
  3. Move into a bigger house (with Tom). Currently i’m officially living with my housemate Janine but i spend most of my time at Tom’s flat. My contract is up in May so we’ll be able to look for somewhere at the start of Summer.
  4. Write more. I’ve recently come up with a couple of ideas for a book and i want to take blogging more seriously. It’s a lifetime goal to have a book published so here’s hoping i can make progress on that in 2017.
  5. Go on holiday or book one for 2018. Tom and i have so many places we want to visit, fingers crossed we can cross one off!
  6. Change jobs. Something i’ve been considering for about 6 months now. Unfortunately my workplace pays quite well for the job i do so i may have to change careers entirely and start from the bottom..

I’ve got a good feeling about 2017.


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