Love is

Love is the overwhelming, constant fear of the other person dying and how you will be expected to deal with that.

Love is letting them choose what movie to watch, even if it’s one you don’t like.

Love is pushing past your fatigue to make them breakfast.

Love is wanting to better yourself.

Love is looking at them and knowing they’ll make a great parent one day.

Love is feeling smug about your own happiness.

Love is talking about your issues for hours.

Love is neither of you being embarrassed about bodily functions.

Love is staying in bed until 1pm on a Sunday telling jokes.

Love is shedding a few tears when they go away with work for 3 days.

Love is seeing them at their absolute worst and still being completely infatuated with them.

Love is keeping no secrets.

Love is matching Christmas pyjamas.

Love is washing their underwear.

Love is recognising each other’s demons and working together to beat them.

Love is offering to fetch them from work.

Love is asking them about their day.

Love is you bragging about your other half’s achievements to your friends and family.

Love is no fear of commitment because they’re the right person.

Love is soppy drunken talks over a tray of chips and gravy.

Love is wishing you found them sooner.

Love is receiving joint Christmas cards.

Love is pushing each other to be the best person they can be.

Love is honest talks about upsetting or confusing behaviour.

Love is having the guts to apologise.

These are some of the things that love means to me.

L x


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