Christmas is coming

I’m EXTREMELY organised when it comes to Christmas. It makes up for my lack of organisation for people’s birthdays…
But seriously, i start buying presents in October and by the end of November i always have a list on my phone of all the things i’m going to buy for everyone.

This year was no different! The one change was that i actually live somewhere nice enough to put a tree up. Yes i know, it’s still early in the month and i’ve had the decorations up since last weekend…but nothing makes me feel warmer inside than a twinkling Christmas tree, fairy lights and hanging snowflakes.

The tree is second hand, given to us by Laura and Chris (boyfriend’s sister and brother-in-law) and all of the ornaments are from The Range and Tesco.

I took this to check the placement. Putting the lights on was definitely the worst bit – it takes AGES to do it on your own.
Ta da! This photo annoys me because it’s blurry but it’s the only full length photo i have.
A better look at some of the decs.
This gorgeous topper is from The Range.
A little bambi from Tesco!
Weirdly i actually hate mushrooms as food but i think they make really cute ornaments. From Tesco.
A wooden Fox from The Range.
A freakin’ KNITTED CANDY CANE!! What more can you want from life?? Purchased from Tesco.
One of three Robins – find them at the Range.
Some more decs from The Range including a wooden Reindeer and glittery gold bauble.


Ahhh Christmas. I can’t wait!


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