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Hello December

It’s the first of December and the first thing i did today (besides pee and check Facebook) was eat my advent chocolate!
Unfortunately my Playmobil advent calendar hasn’t arrived yet and i’ve accidentally left my Tanya Burr one at Janine’s!

In other news, i started taking 2 hour driving lessons! Last week i went on parkway for the first time and yesterday i spent about 40 minutes going up and down it. It was much less scary this time, as were all the roundabouts. I even took us to Meadowhall and parked!

Tomorrow i’m off to Manchester for the night with Tom and his friends to see Pete Tong at the arena.
Tom bought me 2 outfits for it (one was supposed to be a back up) and they’re amazing!!


I don’t have a photo of the original outfit on my computer but this was supposed to be the backup. It’s the Penny Vegas dress by Collectif and it’s just amazing!! We’ve decided that i’m going to wear this on Friday instead of the skirt/top and i’ll wear that outfit tonight instead because we’re going to see Electric Six.

Today i told myself i’d tidy the flat and put up the tree. Stupidly i forgot to buy any lights for it and my decorations haven’t arrived yet so there hasn’t been much point.
It’s been a lazy day on the sofa watching season 6 of Game of Thrones but you need that sometimes.

I’m looking forward to what this December will bring.

L x


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