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What makes me happy

Recently i’ve been really struggling with my mental health and i’ve made the decision to register with a doctor nearby and ask to get referred to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis (i suspect i have Borderline Personality Disorder).

In the meantime, i came up with the idea of listing all the things that make me happy, so when i feel down i can come back and remind myself.
Feel free to steal this idea – tag me or send it me if you do! I want to know what makes you guys happy too.

  1. Making lists. Quite convenient i know but writing lists is something that both soothes and excites me.
  2. Christmas. I’m a huge fan of Christmas, from decorating the tree to finding presents for people.
  3. Catching up on my Youtube subscriptions. I like to keep up to date with popular Youtubers like Zoella, PointlessBlog, ThatcherJoe, SprinkleofGlitter and KieraRose.
  4. Petting animals at a farm. Anyone who knows me will tell you i’m a massive animal fan and there’s nothing better than giving a cow or doggo a good stroke.
  5. Coffee. This is something that also makes me jittery and hyper, but definitely happy too.
  6. The words “shall we get a takeaway?”. I’m fat for a reason.
  7. Watching Harry Potter or listening to the audiobooks. One of my biggest lifelong loves is the Harry Potter franchise. A sure fire way to make me smile.
  8. Having a clear nose. I have a cold at the minute so i might be a little biased, but the first day of breathing freely after sniffling for days/weeks is bliss.
  9. Doing my makeup. I don’t mean my everyday work makeup, i mean when i get a couple of hours free to sit down, put some music or a video on and take my time with it. Very calming.
  10. Disney. All my life i’ve been a Disney fan and i can’t wait for the day when Tom says we can go (should probably try saving a bit first!).


And i think i’m going to leave it at 10 for now! I may revisit this later and do a part 2.



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