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Hello November

So i’ve been away from my laptop for most of the past 2 weeks and writing on my phone is just awful (i really ought to find out if there’s an app for this website).

Not an awful lot has happened with me..

  • I had my 4th driving lesson and did 70mph. Technically 71 before i clocked the speedo and slowed down a bit. It turns out i’m more comfortable at that speed than i am trying to go slow, who knew!

  • I went to Skegness with Katie, Hollie and her friend Izzy. We went on a lot of rides and ate fish and chips that gave me such a bad stomach that i had to poop in a public toilet and everyone who came in complained about the smell while i sat trying not to audibly laugh from my cubicle. We ate ice cream and i had a slush puppy and beat everyone on the dance machine. We watched the sun set over the beach and played “Truth or Truth” in the car on the way home.  It was great to see them again and catch up.

  • Myself, Tom, Laura and Chris went to Alton Towers for the Scarefest and it was awesome!! I nearly had a panic attack in the first maze while we waited to enter but i enjoyed the adrenaline rush. Definitely something i want to do again. And going on the runaway mine train and rapids in the dark was great.

  • Tom asked me to move in with him! I can’t officially move in with him just yet so we’re slowly moving my stuff over to his. The rats moved over at the weekend and are settling into living in his office.

  • I got a new tattoo! It’s a blue heart with the words “Cry baby” inside. It’s based on a Melanie Martinez song but it also happens to be something i have been called a LOT and a reminder to myself that it’s okay to own your sensitivity. I cry at anything and everything – things that make me happy, angry, upset, stressed. The list goes on.

And that’s pretty much everything i’ve been up to! I have my 5th driving lesson coming up this week so i’m looking forward to that. I’m going into work tomorrow on my day off for a few hours because a bit of overtime never hurt. Plus next payday is the last one before Christmas so i need to get the rest of my gifts sorted and extra moolah would be most appreciated.



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