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5 not-widely-known facts about me

1. I have a Disney Christmas comforter called blankin. My Dad bought it me for Christmas in 2013 but the fleece got ruined last year so my Mum replaced it with one of her fleecy blankets.  It’s one of a few things that always makes me feel better.

2. I run a moderately successful Tumblr page. It’s called UKLesbians and girls send me their submissions/photos/contact details and I post them. It has nearly 10k followers and several couples have come forward to thank me for running the blog and allowing them to meet.

3. I have a cat! She lives with my Mum and her husband because I’m not allowed big pets at my house and she gets more attention at Mum’s anyway (plus I have rats).

4. I’m a little. It’s a term you’ll either instantly understand or have to google – but there it is!

5. I used to be a cam girl. In 2013 I was unemployed and keeping my eyes out on how to make dollar when I ended up on a cam site. I only did it for a couple of months because I didn’t have a laptop and actually used my boyfriend at the time’s Mac! It was a lot of hard work to build up a fan base and I eventually lost interest. I decided a while ago that I wouldn’t be a victim of ex’s sharing my nude photos publicly and slamming/slut shaming me – so I posted them myself online!


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