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Cars and Christmas

I’m very proud of myself right now.
I had my third driving lesson yesterday. We went on the main road and Laura said “right there’s a roundabout coming up” and i thought ‘oh shit’, but i was fine!
Apart from not steering as much as i should’ve been and stalling 4 times in a row at a mini roundabout. Oh and the reason i was stalling was because i was trying to set off too quickly. She reckons i’m gonna’ be a speeder hahaha OOPS.
Roundabouts were my 2nd biggest fear when it comes to driving so i’m really chuffed at myself that i managed it. And i did around 5 of them too!

The second thing i’m proud of myself for is cooking dinner tonight. Tom was at work and i’ve had 2 days off, so i tidied his flat and settled down on the sofa watching Disney World vlogs (surprise surprise) and looking on Google for recipes. I ended up deciding on chicken, bacon and spinach cheesy quesadillas with baked sweet potato.
Okay so it took longer than it should’ve (around 40 minutes) but i’ve never made it before – infact i think i’ve only cooked raw chicken fillets once? We both enjoyed it and hopefully won’t get food poisoning in the next 48 hours…

Back to car talk, after driving yesterday i said to Tom how i wished i had a practice car to play about in when i’m more confident on the road. He brought up his other car, the one that’s been sat in his parent’s drive for months, gathering dust. He offered it to me for Xmas if i wanted it! I feel really weird about accepting such a big gift, so in my head i’m saying i have it on indefinite loan. I’d need to get tax and MOT it and insurance etc but we looked at right now as a learner it would be £55 a month insurance which is doable!
So yeah… i kind of have a car – sort of!

Myself, Tom, Laura and Chris (Tom’s sister and brother-in-law) are off to Alton Towers scarefest this Sunday!! Our slot for the mazes is 4pm, so i think we’re heading there for around lunchtime. I’m definitely going to get picked on by the actors because i’ll be screaming A LOT. Exciting though!

Right now i’m laid on my sofa, listening to the Frozen soundtrack and wishing my toes weren’t so cold. I refuse to have the heating on continuously when it’s only October!
I can’t wait to go back to Disney World some day. Maybe 2018 – next year wouldn’t give me much time to save up and it’s something you want plenty of spending money for.
Disney just feels like something i need to do. I was so excited from January last year up until we found out in August that we couldn’t go.
I just want to go while i’m still young and free and able to go on all the big rides without worrying about small humans.

I may or may not have just put my Christmas Spotify playlist on….
I’m just so damn festive already!
My snowflake window stickers arrived today, so i’m hoping the rest of October and November go fast so i can decorate the house.

Janine (my housemate) has agreed to co-host a double date Christmas dinner party with me around the middle of December.
Now i know i can kind of cook, i can offer my services as her Assistant Chef.

Another rambly post. I hope you enjoy regardless!



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