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Driving lessons and rats

I’ve done it, i’ve had my first ever driving lesson!
Something i thought would never happen and definitely not something i thought i would enjoy so much.
Tom (boyfriend) took charge of my aversion and booked a lesson with his sister Laura (she’s a driving instructor) and told me to at least try it. I thought being pushed into it would make me freak out and i’d end up breaking down in hysterical and extremely embarrassing tears but i actually had fun!!

I was super nervous beforehand and genuinely felt like i was going to puke. The 10 minutes before she was due to pick me up i just sat on the sofa staring into space, trying to calm the hell down and not have a freakin’ panic attack before i’d even gotten into the car.
But weirdly once i’d done my first start and stop, i was fine. I think i was too busy concentrating on the road and trying to remember everything to let my anxiety in.

I did a couple of start/stops, a few corners and junctions, 2 gear changes, an uphill start and only stalled 3 times..
Apparently that’s normal, though i’m a little disappointed because i wanted to be amazing and get through my first lesson without stalling once. I guess that’s too much to ask. Maybe next time.

Tom’s going to Wales tomorrow morning overnight for work and i’m working 6 late shifts in a row.
Last night i was saying to him that i can’t wait for this stage of our lives to be over. It’s hard sometimes not living super close to one another (it takes about 40 minutes on the tram, 20 in the car) and with us both working conflicting rotas all the time. That’s more my fault though, his shifts are the same each week whereas mine change every week. It’s something i have a love hate relationship with. It stops you from getting Monday blues because sometimes i might be off on a Tuesday, but it means i usually work weekends.
I’m just looking forward to coming home to each other. Hopefully at a decent time by then, i hate finishing work at 11pm.
We also talked about our favourite names (i’m not pregnant! Just female) and he hates 90% of mine!! I’m shocked and offended that he hates Aurora and Luna.
Ah well, future-us will deal with that.

The Autumn Ball works do is coming up in a couple of weeks. I need to stay away from wine this time round. I can’t remember much of the Spring Ball if i’m honest..

In other news, i gave the rats some chicken bones for the first time and they went mental. Absolutely LOVED them.
They really have come on a long way since i got them at the start of June. All can be handled without biting, Arya only bites occasionally – usually a warning nip if i try play fighting with her – and Astrid is starting to come out of the box at playtime to explore my bed.
They’re also all comfortable with Janine (housemate) now which is fantastic, especially for if i go away again or stay at Tom’s for more than one night.

Do you guys prefer these personal rambly posts or do you like my opinion ones more? I feel like noone would be interested in my life enough to read this blog if i posted in a diary style. Let me know in the comments!

Lora x


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