Looking up


I met someone.


So often before I’ve posted huge blog posts about how great somebody is, how happy I am and how I think it’s going to last forever and ever blah blah.

I’m not going to do that this time. But what I will say is that this feels different from all the previous times. He’s not like anyone I’ve ever dated before.


With previous relationships, I picked out flaws straight away. I could see traits that clashed with mine, and I ignored them all. I told myself it would be fine and we could work round their anger, their neediness.

I haven’t had to do that this time. We’re too similar to clash.


In the past I’ve rushed into things and not bothered to take the opportunity to reflect on my feelings.

We’re doing things completely abnormally (abnormal to what society wants us to do) and it feels…right. I’m not freaking out.

I’m actually happy.


I ought to go to bed because it’s 2am and I’m up at 8.45am but I just wanted to capture how I’m feeling right now.




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