A muggy evening in early June

I’ve had a weird day.
I woke up at around 11am – thanks to horrible period pains – and i’ve only exited the room for a quick jam sandwich, a couple of pee breaks and a shower.

This post is probably going to be more like a diary entry than anything of use to others. Sorry!

I’ve got tomorrow off too which is a nice change, so i’m going to nip to Pets at Home and, providing they have a good cage, get a couple of ratty boys! I’m thinking of Game of Thrones related names for them. Maybe Sandor and Jon? Would that be weird? I love The Hound so i don’t even care.

I’m feeling a little more at peace with the world right now. Probably because the Sun has gone down and i’m miserable in warm weather and i get chronic light-induced headaches.
Possibly because i’m thinking of how happy i’ll be tomorrow if i manage to get my boys.

It’s payday at midnight and i’m freaking STARVING. It was my cousin/best friend’s 18th this month and i spent most of my money on her present and taking her out (oops) so i’ve been skint ever since. As soon as i get paid, i’m ordering a heck ton of food and it’s gonna’ be good.



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