The first in a while

Hello avid readers. Happy April! I completely missed February and March but better late than never i suppose.

The main reason for my radio silence is the breakup i was going through. Myself and my ex hadn’t been working for a long time and after yet another silly argument, i decided enough was enough and i did a kind of midnight flit of sorts.
That was at the start of February and i didn’t feel that it was right to make a blog post about it at the time.

How am i feeling about it now? Okay really. I’m getting to the point now where singledom’s novelty has worn off and i find myself reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”. Don’t worry, it’s over. Finite. Done and dusted. It was far too unhealthy – especially towards the end – and we’re definitely better off without one another.

I’ve had a few “dates” since (can you call being driven around for a couple of hours a date?) with some guys on Tinder, which in turn made me realise that all the bad rumours about Tinder are 100% true. It is indeed full of flakey fuckboys. And yet i’m still using it…

I live with my work-best-friend-and-now-out-of-work-bestie-too, Janine. Living with her is fabulous. We’re currently watching Game of Thrones season 3 together and we spend most of our times together discussing bowel movements.

Although i do miss Jack sometimes, the hardest part of this whole thing is accepting that i may never see his Mum and Sister again. They were my family too, my extended/adopted family and it completely shattered my heart to end things. Fortunately Katie seems to be staying in contact and i get a text from Hollie every so often (she’s only 12 so i don’t expect the world) but i’m terrified they’ll forget about me, or that Jack’s next girlfriend will be so much better than me. I hope she will be, for his sake, but i don’t like the thought of being replaced as an adopted daughter/unofficial-daughter-in-law. It’s very selfish of me i know, i’m just voicing my opinions.

I miss them so much.



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