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It’s been 2016 for 11 whole days and guess what – it still feels exactly the same.

I can’t say 2015 was a bad year for me. I got the promotion at work i’d been badgering my boss for since the previous year, and with it came a little more financial stability. I went to the Harry Potter studio tour in London (aka, my home) again and it was just as incredible as the first time. I went to Whitby in April and West Midlands Safari Park for my 22nd birthday with Jack and his sister Hollie. We went on all the rides even though it was raining and came back shivering and absolutely drenched. I went to a LOT of food places, such as Chiquitos, Coast to Coast, Prezzo and Cosmos. I discovered that i like prosecco. I had a tooth extraction that made me have two weeks off work. I still didn’t get a haircut. I got a new tattoo that took 3 hours and hurt like hell. I got another tattoo that took 20 minutes and barely hurt at all. It’s Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. My Macbook died. I bought my first ever brand spanking new laptop…and realised i really hate Windows 10. I built a computer chair – 90% by myself – and broke my new and only screwdriver. I played a lot of Sims 4. I drank an entire coffee for the first time and decided i do kind of like it, even if it was very “white girl” of me – it was a pumpkin spice latte. I got breakfast at an American diner and cringed when i had to order my “yankee doodle dandy”. I was supposed to spend 2 weeks in Florida but instead spent 3 weeks off work torturing myself by playing a game of “if i was in Florida, i’d be doing ___ right now”. I ordered steak for the first time and asked for it medium rare even though i usually any meat well done. I discovered i really like my steak medium rare. I got a Costco membership and used it wisely – by having dinner in their cafe. I walked my Mum down the aisle. I got an Apple watch. I got an iPhone 6 plus. I got a telescope for Christmas and still haven’t set it up because my screwdriver is broken and i’m lazy. I saw the blood moon. I shaved my legs around 4 times. I spent 3 hours getting my fringe bright blue, and then had to dye it black a week later because my boss wouldn’t let me keep it.

It’s surprising how much has happened when you write it all down.
Here’s hoping 2016 will better.


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