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Being an inspiration to others

I recently purchased a first for me. A crop top.
And not only a crop top.
A sleeveless crop top.

I have been a firm sleeve-wearer since…well… a very long time. My arms are one of my least liked places because they are fairly chunky and i have terrible rough skin on my upper arms that no amount of exfoliating can touch.
However my goal for last year was to not wear so many baggy tops all the time, which i did kind of succeed in doing.
My goal for this year is to really push the limits of what i feel comfortable in. Crop tops, strappy tops, strapless tops, shorts without black tights, bright trousers. I hope i can do it because i feel that it would really make a difference to my life. I wouldn’t have to turn down beautiful tops and dresses just because they’re sleeveless, and i wouldn’t be as hot in summer.

Sometimes i can’t be positive about my body and i hate every aspect of it. Every one of us has days like that, where you can’t look in the mirror without picking out flaws. It’s something that can be hard to express when you have a small following who look at you as a body positive inspiration. I love feeling like i’m making a difference to somebody’s life, however small. The whole reason i push myself to love my body is because i want other people to feel the same. But it can be difficult to feel like that 100% of the time and i’m only human after all, i can’t be in love with myself all the time.

So i’ll upload some photos of myself in my new purchases below, along with the places i bought them. Enjoy!

Minnie Mouse leggings size L – Pulp (Nottingham store)

Harry Potter crop top size 20 – Primark
“Mom shorts” size 18 – Primark

Collectif Violet Enchanting Bird Print dress size 16 –

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 23.38.44
Harry Potter vest top size 20 – Primark
 Adventure Time skirt size L – Pulp (Nottingham) 

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 23.39.12
Sleek Barely There lipstick – Boots

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 23.39.29
Passionfruit and Melon large candle – Tesco



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