Worrying about money

I’ve been struggling to get to sleep for the past couple of weeks because i’ve been fretting about money.
Myself, Jack, his Mum, stepdad and little sister are all going to Florida this November and it’s costing Jack and myself £2k each. I worked out months ago that we’d have to save around £200 a month to get that amount by the time we leave (we only found out earlier this year) and we’ve really been struggling with it. Jack’s not managed to save anything and i’ve only saved £400 because i keep having to dip into my savings.
I’m so excited to go to Florida, but i think this year is going to be mega tough for both of us. It also means that we can’t move out until next year, something we wanted to avoid waiting to do because we currently live in a one bedroom flat with our friend.

Being an adult can be fun sometimes. You can do whatever you want (within reason), like eat chocolate biscuits for breakfast or stay in bed until 3pm like i’m doing today, but it also means financial worries, more cleaning and stress that your life isn’t how you thought it would be.


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