Today (24th April 2015)

This is going to be a photo heavy post.
I realise that unless you’ve clicked on my profile or had a snoop on my other social networking accounts then you don’t really know what i look like. Today i’m going to change that (also i have to go to work soon and i’m working until 11pm so i don’t have time to write a serious blog today).

 Myself at Cleethorpes Spring 2014. That sea was freezing and dirty.

A dress that Jack’s Mum bought me for Christmas.

A selfie.

Another selfie..

Jack and myself at my Mum’s wedding February 2015.

My Nanny and myself also at Mum’s wedding Feb ’15.

Jack and myself at Corp nightclub in Sheffield March 2015.

My cousin and myself at Bistrot Pierre Nottingham, April 2014.

Aaaaand my beautiful Russian Blue pussycat Tilly, who sadly lives with my Mum because we don’t have the room for her here and my Mum’s cat would be sad without her company.

I’m off to get ready to serve a lot of cigarettes and alcohol for 4 hours!



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