A new day, a new blog.

If you have ended up here as a result of following me on some other social media platform then i apologise for the following paragraph. I feel it’s only fair to introduce myself to anyone who has no information about who i am as a person.

My name is Lora. I’m 21 years old and live in South Yorkshire, England.
I work in a shop that i won’t be giving you the name of because i’m paranoid about the repercussions of me freely discussing my job on the inter-webs.
I’m a complete Harry Potter nerd and have been for nearly all my life.
I love animals, The Sims, Game of Thrones, books, sleeping, food and the seaside.
From early 2013 to mid 2014, i watched a Harry Potter film nearly every single night without fail.
I live with my boyfriend (and our flatmate). We’ve been together a year and spend most of our time watching Youtube videos and/or eating.
I absolutely hate mushrooms and i’m the biggest wuss when it comes to anything scary (especially jump scares – no thank you!)

You can find me on the internet by searching toolazytobegoth. I have a Tumblr and Instagram under that name. Please don’t add me on Facebook unless i have a-okayed it.

ANYHOO that’s the boring stuff out of the way!
I’ve been mulling over creating a blog for some time now. I have two blogs on Tumblr (www.toolazytobegoth.tumblr.com and www.uklesbians.tumblr.com) with a collective following of over 6000. Tumblr is fantastic, i love the idea of your artwork or photography or silly selfies getting passed around the world so easily and quickly, but both my blogs lack a personal feel. So instead of resorting to making another Tumblr blog, i thought i’d give wordpress a try!

I can’t give a definitive answer of what i’m going to write about. The likelihood is that it will be along the lines of feminism, body positivity, politics, animals, the occasional fashion post and let’s not forget food.

Bye for now!



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